Saturday, 13 February 2010

Cheating Virgin Atlantic out of £120 feels good...

Well, what an intreguing title this post has... actually I haven't really cheated VA out of much, it's just that I have been stalking their website for a good 2 weeks now - actually logging on and checking the flights every single day. The purpose of this was to see if I could get Tom a cheap flight out to Florida for the last week I am there (he is coming out on the last day of the program and staying til the 9th Sept when we both fly back)... now for the last 2 weeks the flight has been coming up as a whopping £610!! I really thought this did take the mickey a little bit so I thought I'd gamble it and see if the prices changed once the sale had officially ended... I went on the website on Weds morning and it had gone down! To £531... then I checked it again in the evening and it had gone down AGAIN to £481! So we booked it there and then! Luckily the price hasn't dropped further since then... and once we logged into the booking we realised there was only about 15 seats left on the return plane which is probably why it was quite an expensive flight considering all the schools have gone back by then and it's a midweek flight.

So I am really excited that Tom is coming out to Florida and to the world of the Mouse.... he's never been to Florida or WDW before so I get to show him everything which is exciting. In other (more sad) news... apparently Wishes and Spectromagic are being put "on vacation" this summer.... so I won't be able to see it :( I am really sad about this because Wishes really holds a special place in my memories and Spectro too since working at the Emporium... "apparently" they are only off for the summer and will be back after the end of August. I really really hope this is true because I would love to see it one last time. I am sure whatever Disney replace it with will be good but Wishes is just.... special. And irreplacable in my opinion. Hmmm.... x