Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Spiel

It suddenly occurred to me that I've never written down my spiel from my time at Star Tours and it would be a good memory to have it as part of this blog. Although the blog is finished; you never stop being a cast member!

Good morning (or afternoon/evening) Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Star Tours. In just a few moments you will be boarding your flight for the beautiful forest moon of Endor. When the doors in front of you open, please enter the cabin and move all the way across, filling in each and every available seat. Please fasten your safety restraint from the right side to the left and place any carry-on baggage you may have, underneath your seat. During the flight we do ask that there is no eating, drinking, smoking, photography or videotaping and we'd also like to remind you that there is no lightsabre fighting, Jedi mind tricks or... turning to the dark side! Once again, we'd like to thank you for choosing Star Tours; your leader in intergalactic travel.