Thursday, 15 October 2009

The first post but not the first blog!

Well, well, well. I'm back!! With my new blog... and I'm waiting. In a similar fashion to the beginning of my Magical Summer 2008 blog I am currently waiting for Yummy Jobs to call me. For my phone interview for the ICP 2010!! I couldn't resist reapplying...I thought a lot about it and realised this would be my last chance to go back and work at Disney and I don't have anything to lose except a summer of fitting shoes or changing beds so I sent in my application during August. Yes, I know it was early but I knew they wouldn't contact me until mid-September and they didn't...but about 3 weeks ago I got an email saying that I was through to the phone interviews. And then yesterday, another email requesting that I choose a slot for my phone interview - very organised compared to last time where they called me out of the blue!

However, having chosen 2pm today, I am now regretting knowing when they are going to call me as I am clock watching and slightly freaking out. I don't know why seen as I have already been through this process once but it's very nervewracking!! So, I set up this new blog because I want to document my second round with WDW but also just to keep my hands busy!!


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