Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here we go again...

It surprised me how much that phone interview worked me up! I mean, I have a lot of stress on my plate at the moment anyway with final year projects and a dissertation to write so I don't think that helped. Neither did the fact that they didn't call me at 2pm as I expected them to....

At about 2.40pm after 40 minutes of literally sitting and looking at my phone, hoping that my brain waves would make it ring, I went back onto the Yummy Jobs website and logged into my profile bit. This is a new system that they are using and I think it's had a few teething problems as it still said on my profile a link to "book your telephone interview date and time". So I clicked it again (despite having already done it once, the day before) and it came up with the same page for booking the interview... so I thought there was nothing to lose and booked another interview at 4.15pm. At that point I then had to go out with my housemate Maria to pick up her new car which was a blessing in disguise because it meant I had something else to think about until about 4pm.

We returned home and I waited for the phone to ring. At bang on 4.15pm, Hannah from Yummy Jobs called me - thank God! The phone call only lasted about 6 minutes which felt like a lot longer. As predicted, she asked me why I wanted to go back (to which I gave a typically cheesy answer) and then told me she didn't need to ask me many questions because I had already been through the interview once, 2 years ago! (It was twice actually, long story... see the other blog) She also said that she recognised my name and so this gave me the opportunity to explain how I couldn't reapply for 2009 and thus, why I wanted to go in 2010.

This was two weeks ago today. Since then I have been busy with Uni work and having my 21st birthday so I have hardly been thinking about it... which is good. As I said before, even if I do get a f2f interview and even if I get the job, it's not going to consume me like it did before because I have far too much Uni work to be focusing my efforts on. Yes, I will get excited and yes, I will look forward to it but I can't let it distract me too much! I am of course jumping ahead of myself here... and as usual will adopt the opinion of hoping for the best. They are due to email me any day now, last time it was 2 weeks and 2 days between the phone call and the email so I shall just keep an eye on my inbox (but no obsessive refreshing!!)


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