Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lucky post no. 13

I can't believe this is my 13th post on this blog and I still have 3 months to go!!! So apologies for my boring ramblings... the only reason I felt the need to post today was because I am getting distracted from writing my dissertation. Out of interest, I went onto my blog from 2008 (Click Here) to find out what day I got the email that I was accepted because I knew it was this time of year... it will be 2 years ago on Friday! And then of course I started reading my other posts through the visa application to flying out to Orlando and my first couple of days there and it has made me insanely excited!!

This is a bad thing when I should be writing about very miserable events to do with media violence for my dissertation, especially considering I should be handing in a chapter draft by Friday and I start filming my major on Friday through to Sunday. Basically, I am totally bogged down with work and this is the crappiest week in the whole three years of BATV I think... it was wierd to read about the build-up to Disney last time, when I was just finishing first year! Everything seemed stressful then but it's nothing compared to now! Over the next 8 weeks I have to film my major, write another 3200 words of my production analysis, write another 7000 words of my dissertation and do the shitty PDP essay... sounds like hell. But, after that it will be only a month until I leave and go back to the world of the Mouse! YAY. x

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