Friday, 5 March 2010

Visa Appointment Booked!

Well... time is moving on pretty fast! Just over 100 days to go now until I'm flying to Florida and I am soooo excited! I have to say, I think I am more excited than last time, maybe it's because I know how much fun I'm going to have and how different to working in the UK it is...or maybe just because it means I've finished University!!

So I got back to Bristol for a few days yesterday and my Disney Pack had arrived! Very exciting stuff. It contains all sorts of important documents and instructions on how to ensure you get to Florida with the  correct documents and have paid all the relevant fees. So, I got stuck in this morning with the Visa application which I swear has got a lot more complicated since 2008! Firstly, I paid the SEVIS fee ($35) which was pretty easy and then you print off the receipt of that. Then I phoned the embassy (£1.20/min!!) which took 9 minutes (so almost £11 phone call!) and booked my appointment which is a lot earlier than in 2008. They are enabling you to book your appointment a lot earlier this year which is good because it gets it out of the way. Last time I didn't go to the embassy until May but this time I have booked my appointment for the 26th March which is in 3 weeks time. I had to pay for the visa over the phone with a credit card ($131) so all in all, today has been a pretty expensive day! I also had to book the train ticket to get to London that day which was also a rip-off at £30 with a young persons railcard... meh. The problem with the embassy is that you don't know how long you're going to be... last time I was about 3 hours I think, but you could end up in there for longer. I think they shut at about 5.30pm so the longest I'll be is 4.5hrs I guess... seen as my appointment is 1pm.

So... in total I have spent $166 and £30... so about £140 today :-O but it's all worth it! The only things I have left to pay for now are the housing assessment fee and my insurance which in total will probably be another £200.... better get some shifts done once all this Uni work is handed in!


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