Tuesday, 4 May 2010

On this magic night... a million stars will play beside us...glittering, shimmering, carouselling....

Wow, I managed to not write on this thing for over a month! I was starting to get slightly worried I would have more messages before I'd even left than I wrote in the whole of 2008! I am guessing that's because I was too busy writing my dissertation which I successfully finished and handed in this morning, yay :-) You would have thought I'd be feeling really relieved and relaxed now but no. I still have to edit my major project (that's about half way done), write my production analysis (again, half done) and my PDP essay (only 1000 words). So I am taking the thinking of, the quicker it is done, the quicker I get to go to Disney! It's only 47 days today :-D And to be honest, those 47 days are going to be very busy and I have loads to do so I think they will go fast.

Also, to celebrate handing in my disso (and for the fact I am getting paranoid that the pound is going to crash after the general election in 2 days time) I went and bought my dollars this morning at Tesco!! Ended up getting a visa electron currency card which is novel... put $300 on that and then got $150 in cash... and the whole lot cost me £300. Which is gutting seen as when I went last time I got almost $600 for that amount of sterling! Hey ho... never mind. I still have to buy my insurance and pay my housing assessment fee but we're getting there. I have even bought a new zebra print suitcase!! YAY x

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