Thursday, 20 May 2010

1 month to go!!

WOW. ONE MONTH!!? That is truly insane how fast the last five months has gone... from 200 days when I first got the job to just 31 days now. In that time I have completed some really big challenges that I never thought possible despite the fact I was hurtling towards them - filming my minor, filming my MAJOR and then writing the beast of the dissertation. All of that is now handed in which seems a bit unreal. I just have 1000 words to write on my Production Analysis and 1000 words for Professional Development Planning (PDP) and I have finished my degree! There will be nothing more I can do. It's seems a bit wierd that I will actually be moving out of this house in just over three weeks time having been here for 2 years... I can't wait. But, I will be sad to leave Bournemouth and the friends I have made here... I know I will be back to visit before long! And of course, there is graduation in November too.

So, back to the Disney stuff, I still have to sort out my insurance and my housing fee but other than that I'm pretty sorted. I am on the verge of getting my money back from the last financial year (tax!) which will benefit my bank account muchly and then I just have to worry about how I am paying the 2 final rent payments which I have the fortune to have to pay despite not being here. Fun times.

Roll on 20th June! x

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