Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Face to Face Email!

Firstly, if any of you keen beans read my last blog, you will notice I attempted to use a Disney reference in every title of the blog posts... I am not doing it this time, too much hard work! Just simple, to the point titles!

Anyway, I got my email! Woo! Almost 3 weeks after my phone interview (but then I had a very early phone interview) and the face to face (f2f) interview is in London on 21st November which is a Saturday... in fact 2 weeks on Saturday. Quite exciting.

I had a really awful day yesterday and I have had a horrible cold/fluey thing for a week so I wasn't feeling great and then the Disney magic popped into my inbox! I have to be in Hammersmith (at the Disney offices... cool!) for 9.30am so I booked my train to get in at about 8.20am. Difference between 2008 and this time is that I have to actually get off the train and onto a tube to get to the right place so I need to allow a little more time. The train ticket was only £20 and it's an off-peak return meaning I don't have to get a specific train which is fab too.. hopefully going to meet up with Victoria whilst in London, haven't seen her since I was on my placement in July.

I ended up booking the train from Salisbury rather than Bournemouth... I presume that because it's Saturday it's the time for maintenance on the railways because it was telling me I'd have to get a bus to Southampton and the train from there to London - no way! And from Bristol I'd have to change at Bath Spa (and it would cost more!) so in the end I thought I'd just do it from Salisbury... it's a direct train, only take 1 hr 30 and it was only £20. Might even be able to tie in a HCSW shift the next day to pay off the cost of the interview!

Yay! x

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