Friday, 20 November 2009

F2F Interview tomorrow!

Ooooooh, I am getting a little bit excited and nervous now! The face to face interview is in London tomorrow and I think it's the last day of interviews in the whole of the UK - all the others seem to have been done! The really scary bit is that from looking at the WDWIP forums, lots of people have been told that they will know by next Friday! :O Considering it took them 4 weeks to tell me last time, I am taking it with a pinch of salt but it could really be true!

Also heard a rumour of there being a waiting list this year which sounds horrible... I would prefer to be told I didn't get the job than be put on a waiting list...ok, maybe I wouldn't. But I wouldn't want to be sitting on a waiting list for ages not being able to book flights etc etc... I guess I will have to try to be as flexible as possible with roles and dates etc. If I did get put on a waiting list I would have to set a final date I am willing to wait... say the end of January. Otherwise everything just gets too expensive and last minute - like last time.

The good thing about being one of the last interviewees is that I have heard of a few questions people have been asked and just generally about the interview day. Obviously I remember it in 2008 but it will have changed slightly in the 18+ months since then.

The uber question really, and I know they will ask it, is WHY I want to go back and why I deserve to. It's a tricky one which has lots of potential answers, especially if you want to apply for a different role. For example, I wouldn't mind working in Merchandise again but I would love to apply for a different role like Character Attendant or Main St Operations. The chances of me being able to work on Main St again are very minimal but one can hope right!

So I'm just trying to plan my minor film shoot (a week tomorrow, ARGH) and revise my Disney facts and think about interview questions. Normally, I don't get too worked up about things and sleeping is rarely difficult but I just couldn't get to sleep last night! I hope tonight will be easier...I doubt it! Wish me luck!


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