Thursday, 10 June 2010

10 days!

WOW... ten days to go! I can't believe it!!

It definitely seems that more people are going on the 20th June date this year compared to 2008... there have been so many Facebook groups set up trying to organise meeting everyone that it's just got really confusing. So I am arranging to meet up with a couple of specific people instead and I am sure we will run into everyone else in the departure lounge. I know from last time that you tend to lose everyone as soon as you leave Vista Way on the first night anyways... it's good that I will have both phones with me though.

It actually just seems unbelieveable that I will be at WDW in 2 weeks time, probably doing traditions. I'm in shock at how fast the last six months have gone and that I am actually packing up my bedroom here in Bournemouth in preparation to move home. My parents are coming to pick up my stuff on Saturday and then I am driving back on Sunday... so that's only 4 days until I leave the South coast... I have bought my insurance, paid my housing fee and so all I have to do is wait for the confirmation of my insurance then email Yummy Jobs and the paperwork is done!

My ultimate aim for the next few days is to be able to pack as lightly as possible now I'm only allowed one suitcase... I am doing pretty well so far! Only 5 pairs of shoes! Hehee!!

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