Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's a great big beautiful TOMORROW!

It's tomorrow!!!! Ahhhhh!!! As of the last 5 minutes the nerves have kicked in... I've repacked my suitcase about 5 times, repacked my hand luggage twice and now I am just waiting around until it's time to go to Gatwick! It seems that there are more people than ever going this year on the 20th date so I am sure there will loads of us at the airport tomorrow. I checked in online this morning with no problems but quite a few people have had issues checking in online due to having a visa... so I hope it all gets sorted out and I'm still sitting around people going to Disney because it will be more fun that way :)

I am also just hoping and praying that my suitcase is under 23kg because I have actually managed to fit everything into one case which is amazing... I had to sacrifice a few things which I shall have to buy at Walmart when I get there though. I am more excited than last time because I know what to expect but I just know I am going to miss people more than last time as well, I have made some really close friends in Bournemouth as well as my family and friends in Bristol and I guess with the whole 'leaving Uni' thing as well.. it all seems a bit final! I will definitely be keeping in touch with everyone whilst I'm away and meeting up with all you Uni peeps when I get back!

Just in case you wanted to know, this is my American Cell Phone number:


Once I have put credit on my phone (which I'll do ASAP) I will be able to use this phone to text and call the UK. It's probably cheaper for anyone with the inclination to text my UK number but just to make you aware I will probably text back using the US number... it's all a bit weird but trust me, it's the cheapest way!

Right, the next update will probably be from sunny Orlando so wish me luck! :D x

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