Thursday, 24 June 2010

Let's get in the parks!

Wow yesterday was a LONG day! I was up at 5.45am to get ready for traditions... the smart clothes and all that. We got on the bus and went over to Disney University... sat through the most boring talk ever about 'integrity to the Disney brand' and then we got the proper Traditions trainers in to start the day. They have completely revamped Traditions from 2008 in the sense that we actually LEFT the classroom, got given headsets (rather like a tour group) and went into the MAGIC KINGDOM! It was amazing! So, even though I'm not working in MK, it was orientation all over again because we went through the backstage areas and then round Fantasyland looking for the 4 Disney Basics in action. It was fab... if a bit roasting hot! Then we headed back to the University and had some more talks before we got a special visitor! It was the THE BOSS! Yes, Mickey paid us a visit, very exciting! :-)

After traditions was over and we got our badges; we headed back to Vista Way. Got changed and was back on a bus by 2pm on the way back to the MK as we now had our Disney IDs! And of course, it is the first place you have to go! Now I don't have long to write this post (will tell you why in a moment) but we ended up staying there from 2.30pm until about 11.15pm... we watched the afternoon parade (loved it, but not as much as Dreams Come True), the Main Street Electrical Parade (bring back Spectro... it was rubbish) and then finally the Summer Nightastic Fireworks (pretty impressive but Wishes holds a special place in my heart!). We did loads of rides including Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Carribean, Mickey's Philarmagic, Haunted Mansion, Carosel of Progress and Tomorrowland Transit Authority as well as eating my favourite - ORANGE CHICKEN! Which is as amazing as it always is, but I can't wait to get over to Epcot and have it in 'China'!

So, we got the (packed) bus back from MK which was full of ICPs who had just got their IDs and eventually I got to bed at about quarter past midnight. Which considering I had to be up at 6am for today means I am feeling pretty tired now! But today I have my orientation of the Hollywood Studios and I will finally find out where I'm working which might be good, it might be bad. I haven't mentioned on here that I seem to have had my role switched to Attractions from Main Entrance Ops because it's not for sure yet... so expect a slight rant later on here or maybe I will be full of joy? Who knows? :-)

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