Wednesday, 30 June 2010

May The Force Be With You

Well... I've been a busy bee. I had 2 days off (Sun and Mon) and then completed my training today at Star Tours (Weds). My days off weren't particularly exciting because not that many other people were off... on Sunday I went to the pool and then went to Publix... then Kevin came over and we got some Pizza Hut and watched Star Wars Episode 4 (I needed to geek up on it for my attraction!). On Monday I trekked to Walmart partly because I needed stuff and partly for the fun of it. Then I ended up going to Downtown Disney with Katie and we got some food and just wondered around which was nice.

Yesterday, I had my final day of training and I had to spiel myself! It was really scary and I messed it up several times despite all the practicing! The last load of guests of the shift even gave me a round of appaulause for getting to the end - how embarressing!! Anyway, all went well, I got to do lots of the roles in practice for my assessment today. Worked 7.30am - 4pm yesterday so met up with Kevin, Sarah, Cherry and Katie to do a couple of rides (we did Star Tours, brilliant, Great Movie Ride and saw the Beauty and the Beast show). We were going to go and see Fantasmic but now that it's only on three times a week it means that the shows get rediculously full really early on. So, put it this way, by 8pm it was standing room only for a show that started at 9pm. Silly. So, instead me and Katie went back into the main park and did a couple of rides before giving up and heading home.

I was back at the Studios again this morning for 8am so it's just as well I had an early night anyway. Today was the day of my assessment which was done by Sarah. We had a laugh actually, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! The worst part was having to load the guests and do my spiel but it all went fine!! :D After lunch I was on my own! The first task that CDS had me doing was the PAC... Parade Audience Control. This is a good role, lots of guest contact etc... but has one major downside - The Heat. I was standing outside for the best part of 1 1/2 hours so yes, it was very very hot. We could have done with the rain that was threatening all afternoon and has only just decided to come down now that I am supposed to be going to Epcot tonight to see Illuminations again. Brilliant. Hope that we don't trek to Epcot for the fireworks to be cancelled!! x

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