Thursday, 1 July 2010

Not such a magical moment.

I am really pissed off. To put it bluntly. I got my first pay check today in which they do not deduct rent as you don't get much money in your first pay check seen as you only work 20-25 hours in your first week. Well, that's nice of them. UNTIL, they deduct $50 off me... for no good reason. So, first I went to one of my managers and asked them; they told me to go Vista Way housing. So, went to Vista Way housing; they told me to go to The Commons. So; went to The Commons (the main housing office) and asked them...

And they decided to tell me that the reason they'd take $50 off me was because I hadn't handed in my ID 2 fricking years ago. I definitely handed in my Housing ID last time because they drilled it into you that you had to hand it in on your last day in housing... but they never said anything about our white Disney ID which is the one we use to get into the parks. Apparently, your work location is supposed to take it off you - well, none of my managers EVER mentioned this and did NOT ask for it. If they had asked for it, I would have given it to them. The woman at The Commons was rather rude and said that apparently as the little white piece of plastic was "Disney Property" then taking it and not handing it in was actually "theft" and that's why I was charged $50. It wasn't even valid for God's sake... it's validity to get into the parks etc expired on the last day of my program so this is a pile of crap.

So therefore, they've taken $50 off me in a week where I earnt less than $200 as it is... and then next week they're going to take double rent off me (totalling $158) which means I will probably end up with hardly anything to live on. Brilliant. Nice one Disney.

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