Thursday, 12 August 2010

42 hour weekend, now time for 2 days off!

Well, the weekend was truly exhausting, I worked Friday through to Monday, doing 42 hours overall. I ended up at Walmart on Friday night, Chatham til 1am on Saturday and Wendy's on Sunday AND Monday night! As Nick's leaving tomorrow (he finished his program yesterday) we've been hanging out after work but it usually revolves around fast food which isn't great LOL. So, we said we'd hit up the parks on Wednesday as we both got it off... but I'm jumping ahead.

On Tuesday, I finally got a lie-in which was REALLY nice. However, when I got up I realised I needed to get to the post office which is a bloody trek so I then realised I wouldn't have time to go to Magic Kingdom to film the afternoon parade which I wanted to do. But in the mean time, it decided to pour with torrential rain so I decided not to go to MK in the afternoon but instead just meet Hannah there when she finished work at 5pm. So, whilst I was sorting out this letter to take to the post office I noticed something crawling across my apartment floor... a COCKROACH! :O It was soooooo gross! So I grabbed Nick's Wendy's cup he'd left lying around from the other night and caught it under the cup (which was pretty hard - they move bloody fast). Then I freaked out for a while until I found a piece of card to slide under the cup (FYI: It's not as easy as with a spider!) before opening the front door and throwing the whole thing with as much force as possible over the balcony and into the rain. Apparently my roomate called housing and they send pest control around in the evening whilst I was at MK so hopefully we won't be seeing our crawley friends again. UGH.

So, I went to the post office, dodging the thunderstorms and stopped at Walgreens on the way back to invest in some roach spray which I then liberally sprayed around the apartment. Then I went off to MK; Hannah told me to meet her in the tunnels. Well, that was an experience. Having not really been in the tunnels for 2 years it was bizarre to be back down there... it smells and looks pretty much exactly the same. It really made me want to go back to the Emporium! I managed to meet her and we went onstage for some fun in the park. We did pretty well, as we headed to Tomorrowland to get fastpasses for Space Mountain (standard) and did Buzz Lightyear ride before catching the MiSiCi Show (Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It) which I managed to video, yay! We grabbed some food at Pinocchios as despite working there, Hannah has never eaten there! Then we did Thunder Mountain three times, the Haunted Mansion and then Hall of Presidents. I bought two tops at the Empo which I wanted to get before and didn't have chance and then we watched (I filmed) the fireworks at 10pm. We did Space Mountain with the FPs and then headed back into the tunnels to go to West Clock to get the bus back to Housing. A very successful evening at MK!

Wednesday was my second day off and as I mentioned, I was going to spend it with Nick doing whatever he wanted in the parks as it was his last day :) So we got up horribly early to go to Animal Kingdom and did Everest, Dinosaur and the Safari. Then we watched both Finding Nemo and Lion King which was fabulous before heading to get the bus to the Studios. I had *acquired* a few fastpasses so we headed straight for Coaster which had a 50 minute queue and did that before going to Tower of Terror which was literally a walk-on so I kept the fastpasses and we just went in stand by. We ended up doing Tower twice and Coaster twice plus watching an American Idol show and of course, Nick did his last Tour to Endor :) Hilarity occurred when Que was going to fly us in her sim and it decided to E-stop right before we got on it so we ended up in another sim with a load of guests but it was fine :) After we'd taken lots of photos and messed about at the Studios, we got a Friendship Boat to EPCOT for our reservation at the Mexico restaurant. We met up with Kate and Hannah at the park and did Mission Space (which included the highlight of seeing Katie in costume!) before going to Mexico for some AMAZING food... was sooo good. AND we got discount which was nice. It was still damn expensive but it IS Disney...

Eventually we left property to go back to housing but then Nick decided he wanted my Disney music from my computer so we went and got his USB stick from Chatham before going over to Vista. Despite saying he'd leave at 11.30pm... inevitably after finding some HILARIOUS clips on YouTube, he ended up leaving at 1am. Again. So... that brings us to today - I am sitting waiting for my laundry to finish in the tumble dryer before getting ready for work at 1.15pm - joy.

I am really looking forward to Saturday for the Last Tour to Endor party but I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to all the domestic college program people over today and tomorrow, it will be sad. However, I guess all good things must come to an end and I can always visit them when I'm back in America... :(

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