Monday, 2 August 2010

Wanna DFN?

Well, back at the villa again after a weekend of work, mainly. Friday's shift was good if a bit quiet towards the end. Then on Saturday, I spent the day doing boring things like sitting on Facebook, watching an episode of Casualty that the parents had recorded for me and doing my laundry before another six hour shift between 16.15-22.15. After work, we decided on a random trip to Wendy's so Nick and I met Andy, Hayley and Tiffany at about 11pm and I had spicy chicken nuggets which weren't as bad as I expected them to be. We left at about midnight, going via Walgreens so I could pick up some phone credit.

Sunday started off badly with some (irrelevant to Disney) annoyances via the internet so I wasn't in the greatest mood to start with. Then I had a 12 hour shift to deal with. So, I went in for 10.45am and basically spent six hours alternating between Sim 4 and Jedi 3 which was fine even though I never actually made it to photocell because I kept getting bumped for my break. I felt so tired for some reason, even though I didn't have *that* late a night the night before... this meant I spent most of my breaks lying on the sofa in the break room, prompting Jose to decide I looked like Kate Winslet in Titanic when she is sketched by Leonardo DiCaprio... with one major difference - I was dressed. LOL. I even got a makeshift name tag of 'Titanic Girl' until it had to be removed when I went back onstage... amusing.

Unfortunately the inevitable hit me at about 5.30pm when I got the Yoda rotation... and couldn't escape. By a horrible twist of fate it meant I ended up on Unload THREE times in FOUR hours... horrendus. The main reason (apart from the music, ugh!) I hate Unload is because it makes you think. It's so boring and there is so little to engage with apart from when the guests come out of the sims that you end up in a wierd state of meditation during which I tend to end up thinking about home, missing people etc etc. And especially after starting the day in a bad mood, it meant I kept thinking about why I was feeling pissed off. So that was NOT great.

Eventually, the shift ended. And I had to close Unload. Then do lost and found which was typically rubbish. We have to go to Muppets 3D to pick up their lost and found as well which is irritating because they never take ours, ever. I know the reason we do it is because their last show might not finish until 10.15pm whereas we always finish at 10pm but it's still stupid and annoying. So, did the lost and found and eventually got the bus. Randomly ended the evening eating a crapload of Dominos Pizza with Nick until we were stuffed and watching Little Britain clips on YouTube which significantly cheered me up. :D

Then onto today and all I've done since being picked up by my parents is go to the Florida Mall where I did some proper retail therapy (and it felt GOOOOD!) spending around $110 on a pair of headphones, 2 tops, 2 pairs of heels, 2 pairs of jeans and a hairband. Not bad! Now just chilling out at the villa before we head to Epcot later to eat in Italy and see Illuminations providing there is no massive thunderstorm like we (finally!) had yesterday!

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