Friday, 6 August 2010


Picking up from where I last left off... we went to Italy on Monday to eat which was very yummy (if very expensive, and they don't even do Cast Member discount anymore in the evenings!) before we got a really good place to watch Illuminations from. I took lots of pictures (as usual) and they came out really well... now that the parents have given me the old video camera I'm going to go to Nightastic, Wishes (!!!) and Illuminations to film them. Even go to Fantasmic if I can get in at some point! Just so I have them on video because I don't think I'll be back at Walt Disney World for quite a few years once I've left in September...

So, Wednesday, the family were off to Universal so they dropped me off home in the morning. Initially I was going to go in early and see if I could extend as I didn't start til 5.30pm but in the end I couldn't be bothered so I just chilled out at the apartment instead. Went to work at about 4pm and whilst I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the E bus, it decided to absolutely POUR with rain! I was really lucky though because it wasn't even raining when I actually got to the studios. The shift was only 6 hours long and even though I ended up with the Wookie about 4 times (so I was basically greeter for the whole night, I only flew about 5 flights of guests in the whole shift!) it was a good laugh. Nick was back from his training at Idol (traitor!) and Jason was the closing co-ordinator so we had fun :) After work, Ally gave me, Kate and Nick a lift to Wendy's which... on the way there... turned into a trip to Steak & Shake instead. Now, I'm not a huge fan of either of these concepts but I had chicken strips (it was 1am, I didn't feel like loads of food anyway!) and an amazing cookies & cream milkshake which was so sickly I had to finish it the next morning! Anyway, another good evening out after work, and another trip to a public place where everyone stares at the bright orange: "Wow, they actually have lives outside Disney?!"

Thursday, my parents picked me up in the morning and we went to Walmart. Fun times. Then we went to Downtown Disney where Mum and I went up in a balloon to 370 ft above Disney! It was amazing, such good views. Bit like the Bournemouth Eye. Victoria and Dad went to DisneyQuest instead and then we met up with them after a spot of shopping at the West Side end of DTD. Then we went to Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at the Beach Club Resort which was quite amusing finding our way there in the car as I'd only ever been there via a boat from Epcot. Nevertheless, we made it there and had to wait about 35 minutes for a table but then we had yummy hot dogs and a KITCHEN SINK! It has 4 different flavours of ice cream, a handful of cherries, chocolate brownies, bananas, mars bar and a WHOLE CAN of whipped cream on top plus every sauce they do squirted all over/in the pudding. Amazing.

Once we'd stuffed ourselves there, we went back to the villa. I just chilled out and they packed. Then I got changed into my amazing new skinny jeans and hugely high shoes and we went to Bahama Breeze for a final meal out. It was very delicious :D I got dropped back at about 10.15pm and managed to get a reasonably early night (about midnight, LOL.)

I then worked out I am doing 42 hours at Star Tours between today and Monday so that's fun... then two days off... and then another 33 hours between Thursday and Saturday. So, much space-themed fun! :D

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