Sunday, 8 August 2010

Funny Stories

So, one of the managers who I don't know so well came in the other day and whilst he was there we got onto the well-discussed topic of height restrictions. Star Tours has a 40 inch (102 cm) height restriction because of the seat belt you have to wear during the ride and on a daily basis I have to explain to guests why I can't let their child in because they are too small.

So, this manager, told us the story of the child whose parents bought a Mickey Ice Cream (which is shaped like Mickey Mouse, of course), broke off the two Mickey ears and placed one in each shoe so that the child reached the height requirement! Luckily they got caught and weren't allowed on the ride. Then someone else came in and recounted the story of the child who tried to get into Star Tours with crocs stuffed with serviettes from the Backlot Express Restaurant...

Anyway, this conversation then led onto the subject of babies in the parks. It is unbelievable to think that people have actually asked in the past if they could place their baby in the under seat compartment!? And, the aforementioned manager, met a lady who had put her few-month-old baby in a bag and was trying to hold it on her lap to ride Space Mountain. Yes, really!!! Unbelievable stuff happens at Disney.

So, the last couple of days haven't really been out of the ordinary. I had a 8 hour shift on Friday which was pretty quiet and I ended up flying sims for most of the shift which got a bit repetitive after a while. And then yesterday I did a 10 hour shift which was pretty dead for the most part - we had a big rush after one of the Indiana Jones shows and I was on photocell so that was quite fun because of the challenge. I also was on Entrance when we had a big 'Epic Dump' and I had to work out the ropes to put up 2 loops in the queuing area which was a slight challenge for my poor brain.

I also got my schedule for the next couple of weeks. Because of 'Last Tour to Endor' on Sat 14th, I am working about 52 hours this week. But next week takes the biscuit - I only have one day off (Monday) and am working 54 hours the rest of the time! Crazyness! On the up side, it means I might actually have enough money to fund the last week in America... I need to sort out that Plan actually.

I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week - Tuesday I am planning (weather permitting) to go to the Magic Kingdom and film the parade and fireworks. Wednesday is the last day I will spend with Nick (sad times) so we're going to the parks and then to Mexico (in Epcot) for dinner. :)

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