Friday, 30 July 2010

A very space-themed week

Well, I haven't posted since Sunday because my family have been in Orlando so I have spent most of this week so far hanging out with them. On Sunday they picked me up and after pottering around for a bit, we went to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon which was good fun. We did Everest, Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl and the Lion King Show which was fabulous as always before going back to the villa for a bit of a chill out and a swim in their pool. Then we went to Celebration for dinner which was good (as always) - David stole the limelight by having a 2.5lb lobster for his dinner which was both amazing and disgusting at the same time. I personally had a very tasty chicken sandwich thing. And we even got Cast Member discount which was nice!

On Monday, the family went to the Studios because I had work from 1.15pm - 7.15pm. I think the park was quite busy but they managed to do several rides and I actually had a really good shift as I avoided Yoda all day, not even on purpose! I would have been happy to have been flying sims all day because I wanted my family to ride on my sim (but they didn't unfortunately!). I actually ended up doing Jedi Academy, Photocell (twice!) and even Tower! After we finished at the Studios, we headed back and had a takeaway - chinese! :D

On Tuesday, we went to the Magic Kingdom which was hot and busy. I'd hoped it wouldn't be too busy as there was no EMH that day but unfortunately it was. We arrived reasonably early and got fastpasses for Space Mountain. The boys went off and queued as well (so they rode it twice that day) but we went on the Blue Train and then on Monsters Inc Laugh Floor before going to have an ice cream and coincidentally seeing the Welcome Parade (which I LOVE!). Then we went back to Space Mountain and used the fastpasses before heading over to Liberty Square so we could ride the Haunted Mansion (which we ended up queueing for 40 minutes for; not good.) By this time we were all rather hot and tired so we ended up going home via the Emporium. However, as we were shopping, before we knew it - it was 3pm! And what happens at 3pm?? PARADE TIME!!! :D This greatly pleased me. Then we actually went home, swam in the pool and then went to buy some food so we could have a fabulous BBQ on the beasty BBQ provided at the villa. It was good BBQ times.

Wednesday - we decided to have a day off Disney and went to Kennedy Space Centre for the day. Dave and Matt were typically unco-operative and didn't want to come so it was just the four of us (me, mum, dad and victoria). The whole visitors centre has greatly improved in the six years since we last visited and the first thing we did was go on a tour of the site. They took us to the viewing gantry first where we could see both launching pads. Then we went to the Saturn V centre - where there is a real life size shuttle and lots of interesting things to look at. We also had lunch there (not amazing - Disney standard quick service food!) before finishing the tour at the International Space Station Centre. There, you could see the workers actually building pieces to take up to the ISS in space and it was really quite cool! By this time we were very hot and tired but we went on the new ride they have put there which is a combination of Mission Space and Star Tours! LOL! After that, we drove home and cooked up some oven pizzas for dindins!

Thursday and it was Mum's birthday. She chose to go to Epcot as we hadn't been there yet and she wanted to do Test Track. We went quite early and whilst the rest of the family went on Test Track; I got fastpasses for Soarin'. After I met them, we went to Mission Space (we all rode green, it was a 5 minute line!) and then went over to The Land where the others ate some food whilst Dad and I went on 'Living with the Land'... cute ride :) I think twice in 2 weeks is enough though. LOL. So we went on Soarin' and got the best seats in the house which was great! After that, we left the park before chilling out at the house. In the evening, we went to House of Blues at Downtown Disney to eat which was a bit slow but good food once it arrived. And we got a cheap bottle of bubbly as well :D

And then we're up to today - Friday. This morning, we went on a Boggy Creek airboat ride and saw crocodiles! And then I actually held a baby croc! Bit scary! It was good fun and not too far away. We came back, had a snack lunch and then Dad drove me back to Vista Way via Publix which is where I am now :) And off to work very shortly... only 6 hours today though!

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