Friday, 16 July 2010

The best 2 days off so far!

I know I already wrote about my first day off this week in the last post but I had to talk about my second day off because it was such good fun. So, it was on Wednesday, I got up and posted the last blog post whilst doing my laundry - very fun. Haa. Then, at about 1pm, I met up with Hannah and we went to the Studios as I had... acquired a couple of fastpasses that needed using. So, after a brief trip to First Aid (I had some bug bites which were itching like mad so we went to get some anti-itch stuff and then inadvertantly ran into Stitch and Piglet so that was a nice surprise!) we went to get a Churro. Yummy... I hadn't had a churro yet! Then we headed over to Toy Story Mania. Now, this is a really good ride during which you sit in a 2 person car thing with a laser gun each. You wear 3D glasses and shoot things that pop out at you, gaining points for hitting the targets on the screens as you move around the ride. It's good fun but it's not queue-for-2-hours-fun. In fact, the queue can get up to about 3 hours long which is quite rediculous. Anyways, we had fastpasses so we didn't need to wait more than 5 minutes! After that, we went to Art of Animation and skipped the actual show to go to the Animation class which is a good 30 minute activity - you get to learn how to draw a character just like the animators do. I drew mickey!

When we got out of Art of Animation, it had been pouring with rain. Originally we planned to watch the parade at 3pm but I didn't think it would go on and we managed to get undercover just as it poured down again with thunder! So, we were waiting on Nick to arrive at the Studios... so we went to get some food. Then, once he arrived, the weather got a bit better and we ended up riding Rock n Roller Coaster 3 times, Tower of Terror twice and then, of course, Star Tours. Which I went round and took pictures of - quite hilarious. Originally, we only aimed to be at the Studios for a couple of hours but me and Hannah were there for about 6 1/2 in the end!

So we rushed back to our apartments and got changed before heading out at 8.50pm for TGI Fridays! We met up with Claire as well and headed to Cross Roads. I had a very yummy honey mustard chicken sandwich with fries and my first legal alcoholic drink in the USA! It was a lovely cocktail called Electric Umbrella which was bright blue :P We stayed there until about midnight before getting the bus back and collapsing into bed at the end of this long but fun day!

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