Sunday, 25 July 2010

Extra Tragic Hours

So yesterday was the shift from hell. Firstly, I got stuck in Yoda, repeating myself like a cracked record doing Sim 2, Unload, Sim 1 and repeat. Horrible. Luckily I picked up Jedi 1 inbetween Unload and Sim 1 at 3.20pm so I got to see the parade but I made the fatal mistake of getting too overexcited about this and ended up horribly sweaty and feeling rank. So, cowered under the umbrella for a while before ending up back inside on a sim and managed to de-sweat. Nice.

Apart from a brief interaction with a guest who worked at Aztec West (about 5 minutes from my house in Bristol) and a lovely family who did a baby swap and I backdoored them onto the ride, the guests were mostly moody, hot and annoyed. There was brief resbite from Yoda when I ended up doing 'EMH ID Check' which basically involves checking everyone's hotel room keys on their way into the ride to make sure they actually are a resort guest. EMH actually stands for Extra Magic Hours which means only the hotel resort guests can use the rides and eat in the restaurant - each park has a designated night for EMH and that's why we ended up closing at 1am last night. Normally, extra magic hours aren't that late for the Studios but last night was a one off. So, I had fun doing EMH ID Check for a while before getting my last break at 11.15pm.

Then I got unload. For 1.5 hours. In the middle of night. So you can imagine my mood by the end of the shift, it was not good.

And then I finished finally at 1.30am before getting 5 hours sleep and meeting my parents today!! Which has improved my mood greatly from this morning - we've just had lunch and now I'm off to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon. And with the prospect of only working 18 hours this week, things are looking up.

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