Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy 4th July!

Happy Independence Day! Well, I think it's going to be a busy one quite frankly... depends on whether the crowds come rushing to the Studios or not. It will be interesting to compare it to Main St USA 2 years ago when you literally couldn't move. The people who go to Magic Kingdom on Independence Day must be clinically insane... the queues for the rides are astronomical and it's so busy you can't get anywhere, not my idea of fun!

So, the last three days I have worked the closing shift, mostly rotating between manning a sim, being at entrance or greeting. I did a brief and uneventful stint in Tower on Friday which was a bit scary (don't like the idea of it all being down to me when something goes wrong!) and then yesterday I got my first taste of being at unload. I got unload in rotation twice (rotation is when everyone moves position, often in a pattern throughout the shift. The first time wasn't too bad, there were a fair few guests but the second time was from 9pm to 10.15pm... boring. Mainly because there were just hardly any guests coming through the attraction at that time. Now that there is no Fantasmic every night, a lot of people just leave the park in the early evening and go to see the evening entertainment elsewhere. Which means it gets really quiet and when it's really quiet, it's a bit dull. However, hoping that today is going to be busy busy busy especially because there is Fantasmic as well at 9 and 10.30pm.

Having said that yesterday was uneventful, it certainly did not start out that way! I took over a sim which had about 20 guests in it from someone else who was getting his bump out and was quite happily organising the next load of guests into rows when I glanced back at the control console to see a load of red flashing lights... NOT GOOD! The ride had emergency-stopped itself right at the end of the ride and the guests were therefore stuck inside until we could let them out. They weren't 'stuck' as such, just as a safety precaution the doors don't open and the seatbelts don't unlock until maintenence enable it to.... which meant that the guests didn't get let out for about 15 minutes. This wasn't a long time and they weren't in any danger but obviously they weren't happy.... so then I got bumped to entrance so I didn't actually have anything to do at that sim except experience the emergency stop which was a good experience so I'd know what to do next time.

Anywhoo... in other news I am still waiting for some post from England... it takes forever! And they don't get post on Sundays in America either, especially 4th July, so more patience is needed it seems. Meh. It's finally rained here, in fact it's hardly stopped drizzling for the last 48 hours. Had a couple of thunderstorms but nothing amazing yet. I have been scheduled for about 40 hours this week but only about 37 next week... and have requested some extra days off for the 2 weeks that the family are here at the end of July/beginning of August but don't know if they will get granted... fingers crossed!

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