Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Mickey Mouse Degree

Well, Thursday was my second day off for this week and it was a fabulous one! It did start a bit early with Hannah and I getting on the 9am bus for EPCOT but we wanted to go and do the rides whilst avoiding the queues. And we managed it; the first thing we did was go and get fastpasses for Soarin' but then we walked back to TestTrack and rode that as single riders (even though we ended up in the same car!) so that line was only about 10 minutes. Then we did Mission Space: Orange which wasn't as bad on the motion sickness/dizziness feeling as I remember it being and the line was about 25 minutes long. Then we walked over to The Land and had a snack before going on the boat ride 'Living with the Land' which I've never done before. It was only a 10 minutes queue and it was a really cute ride where you can see lots of plants being grown by Disney horticulturists and also fish they are breeding too. Once we'd done that though it was time to go back to Soarin' and we ended up in the front row which was amazing! :D

By this time it was about 12pm so we decided to head back to Housing so we could get ready for graduation in the evening. I thought it would be a fun idea to get the monorail to the TTC and get the Magic Kingdom bus... this was a good idea until we missed the first bus by about 30 seconds and then the second bus because we didn't see it. So ended up there for about 40 minutes before we got on the bus!

Eventually got back to the apartment and I spent the afternoon having fun doing things like laundry, washing my hair and painting my nails. Got ready for graduation and headed over to Mickey's Retreat for 6pm. I've never been there before but it's a recreation area for cast members and their families - it has a fishing lake, tennis courts, a man-made beach, pedalos and a swimming pool amongst other things... it was a lovely location for the graduation especially because it was sunny as well. I got my ears and then met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Daisy! :D At about 7.30pm, Hannah, Katie and myself decided we'd met everyone we thought we'd meet so we left going via their apartments at Chatham to drop stuff off.

Then we went over to Vista and walked to Bahama Breeze which is about a 10-15 minute walk away. I love this restaurant! The atmosphere and decor is sooo cool, it's like being in a rainforest! I had a chicken burger thing and 2 cocktails, plus half a pudding (I shared) and tip for the waitress and it was still less than $30 which I thought was pretty good :D They don't do Disney discount yet but they said something about teaming up with Disney in August which would be cool.

After ambling home at about 11pm, I ran into Nick and Kate from work who were still in bright orange having just got off the bus. They were on their way to Wendys so I found myself walking back the way I'd just come to join them. All I can say is, Wendy's really is quite rough. And it smells bad. I didn't eat anything (obviously!) but hung out with them for about an hour before finally getting back to Vista and going to bed!

Yesterday (Friday) I had a normal shift (which wasn't closing for once!) and finished at 9pm so headed to Walmart with Nick and Rachel (my roomate) to buy a duffel bag on wheels to take to my parent's villa on Sunday! My family are also now in the same time zone as me, I am so excited to see them tomorrow!! They are driving up from Miami to Orlando today :D I am working the horrible shift of 1.30pm to 1.30am today though so I won't see them until tomorrow but roll on the next 24 hours!

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