Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gate Four... puke on the floor.

Just a quick post about yesterday's escapades. The day started off badly with the fact I was working 10-4... now this by all means is not a *bad* thing because it's only a 6 hour shift and it's during the day time! However, it meant I had to get my sorry ass out of bed before 9am which wasn't so great. Especially after staying up until 2am the night before watching 'Inception' which I completely didn't understand and was confused for the duration. So, after getting up and getting on the correct bus which is due to get me to the Studios 15 minutes before my shift we ended up sitting in a traffic jam right by the entrance to the Studios for absolutely no apparent reason for 10 minutes. And therefore I ended up with about 3 minutes to get from the bus, via security to Star Tours.

I clocked in at 10.01.

This meant that I was technically "late" and this pisses me off because a) it wasn't my fault and b) I really didn't want half a point on my record already. Disney have a process for which they give you half a point on your record card if you are late, a whole point if you don't turn up, a whole point if you phone in sick/personal and various other combinations. If you get 3 points (depending on what they're for) then you get a reprimand. 3 reprimands and you're terminated. Obviously, I know it won't get to that stage but I don't particularly want *any* points on there, particularly for being 1 minute late when I was actually on site. So, I asked one of my managers if he could take the point off my record and hopefully he did... I await to see my record card to make sure!

So, turning up hot, sweaty and stressed at the beginning of the day wasn't great. Then I got stuck on a rotation which I usually would have loved which was Jedi 2, then Entrance then Jedi 4. However, yesterday was definately the hottest day I have experienced here so far this year and doing 2.5 hours outside wearing polyester was horrible. Add in the fact that it was INSANELY busy yesterday - I mean, Star Tours had a wait time of about 40-60 minutes all day and usually it never rises above 20. The fastpass line was all the way back to stand-by and I have never seen so many tour groups in one place. I knew it was a Fantasmic day but STILL! So, after 2.5 hours outside I was feeling pretty bad, in fact I did feel like I was going to faint as I felt so light-headed and dizzy. It was lucky that I then got my break and could access cold water and sugar which made me feel a bit better.

The rest of the day went well... there was another Code V in Gate Four (luckily not my sim) which looked like a little mountain of vomit, it was very strange. But it was inside the sim this time so it didn't stink the place out. And I spent most of the afternoon inside, operating star speeders.

As we finished at 4/4.30 (for Nick) we decided to go to Animal Kingdom.. so after a brief trip to Chatham so he could get changed (Chatham Square really is quite nice and I can see after living there for a summer why you wouldn't want to downgrade to Vista Way!) we got the bus to AK. It was great because it shut at 8pm and we got there just before 6pm so we grabbed some pizza at Pizzafari and then spent the next 90 minutes doing Kilimanjaro Safaris, Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl and Expedition Everest twice! :D It was really good fun. And we saw Char working her magic at the turnstiles in her very attractive costume! LOL! However, then we were both really tired and practically falling asleep on the bus home so we called it a night and I was in bed by 10.30pm!

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